The Brad Weisman Show

Inside the Deal w/ Kevin T.

September 11, 2022 Brad Weisman, Realtor
The Brad Weisman Show
Inside the Deal w/ Kevin T.
Show Notes

If you have any ambitions of investing in real estate... this show is definitely for you.  My good friend and real estate mogul, Kevin Timochenko, gives amazing insight on what it takes to prosper in all facets of REAL ESTATE INVESTING.  

He explains how he wasn't taught to do what he does, and it's not always pretty, but the payoff for him, his family and the 200 people that he employs has been tremendous.  

Does he sleep much... find out!  Does he have other hobbies... find out!  One thing I can tell you is what is most important to him is his wife and six children.  Get to know Kevin... and maybe pick up a tip or two about how to gain wealth through real estate!

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Also, When Brad isn't selling homes, or hosting The Brad Weisman Show, you can find him on American Dream TV hosting a NEW show—Selling Reading Pennsylvania!

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