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BEYOND the HOME PURCHASE (life after settlement)

September 19, 2022 Brad Weisman, Realtor
The Brad Weisman Show
BEYOND the HOME PURCHASE (life after settlement)
Show Notes

There's so much to think about beyond the home purchase, so I brought Justin Perella in to go over a few important topics to think about.   When you change your financial positions in life (buying a home for first time or upgrading to higher value home), you need to think about things we don't typically like to think about.  What if something happens to you or your spouse?  If the bread winner is no longer around (god forbid), will the remaining spouse be able to keep up with the expenses?  Check your LIFE insurance to be sure there's enough!!

Everyone is talking about the RATES going up... is it really as bad as you think?  Look at the numbers, than look at the investment you are making.  Even at 6.25% YOU should purchase the home you LOVE and in the first year you'll still be ahead!!  Listen to the show to find out why!  

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