Real Estate and You w/ Brad Weisman

SPECIAL EDITION: Hugo's Journey - From Guatemala to YOU!

November 19, 2022 Brad Weisman, Realtor
Real Estate and You w/ Brad Weisman
SPECIAL EDITION: Hugo's Journey - From Guatemala to YOU!
Show Notes

Our producer, Hugo Cardona, is in the hot seat this time and I get to dig into who he is, where he's from and how he ended up here! :)  It all started with him being an interpreter in Guatemala for his future wife during her year in his country.  

His appreciation for his newly received US citizenship and positive outlook on this country is heartwarming and sincere.   This episode goes through the ins and outs of a kid from Guatamala coming to the States and living the American Dream of making a living doing what HE LOVES TO DO... Audio/Visual Production.  Not only is he doing what he LOVES, but his clients LOVE what he produces... HIGH Quality Video Productions! 

Real Estate and YOU is so thankful to have Hugo producing our show every week and we are thankful that he shared His Story with us! 

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