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Foreclosures and Sheriff Sales - 2008 vs 2022

December 27, 2022 Brad Weisman, Realtor
The Brad Weisman Show
Foreclosures and Sheriff Sales - 2008 vs 2022
Show Notes

It's not a sexy topic but someone has to talk about it... so why not me! :) 

I thought with everyone talking about the doom and gloom of the housing market (that really isn't bad at all), why not bring in Sheriff  Eric Weaknecht to talk about the Foreclosure to Sheriff Sale Process.  Eric (Weaknecht), shares some numbers from the big crash of 2008 vs where we are today... the numbers are not supporting the doom and gloom.  

Foreclosures are still at all time lows, which in turn means Sheriff Sales will be the same in the years to come.  Homeowners have Equity... that's the one BIG difference between 2008 and now.  

This episode gives great insight into how the process works.  We also dig into the Sheriff Department's other roles within the County and what we can do to help them! 

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