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PA Meets NJ with John Scipione

January 17, 2023 Brad Weisman, Realtor
The Brad Weisman Show
PA Meets NJ with John Scipione
Show Notes

John Scipione is in the top one percent of REALTORS® in the North New Jersey Marketplace, with over 15 years of successful real estate sales experience and over $380 MILLION in sales. 

I wanted chat with someone from New Jersey to see what they are experiencing in the real estate market.  Is it similar to PA or completely different?  Many things are the same but their are some differences.  ONE common challenge is Inventory, which is a tough challenge to overcome short term.  

What's funny is none of the agents I've talked to, including John, are overly concerned about interest rates.  Rates are NOT in our control and they only define your price range, NOT your ability to PURCHASE.  

Give this one a listen!! 

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