Real Estate and You w/ Brad Weisman

The Sky Is NOT Falling... ARE the RATES?

February 06, 2023 Brad Weisman, Realtor
Real Estate and You w/ Brad Weisman
The Sky Is NOT Falling... ARE the RATES?
Show Notes

Listen to Pete and Brad breakdown the numbers from 2022 and talk about the balancing we see for 2023.  Signs Signs Everywhere Signs!! :)   

What is really crazy is our local numbers are pretty much right in line w/ the National Numbers.   That's NOT always the case.  We are seeing pockets of price softening in the certain parts of the country.   

Overall Interest Rates have softened a bit and seem to be less Volatile.  Home Prices as a whole are still NOT budging too much because LOW INVENTORY is still the TALK of the DAY.  Get the rest of the details from Brad and Pete on this latest REAY podcast! 

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