The Brad Weisman Show

Mortgage Madness w/ Mike Bower

March 28, 2023 Brad Weisman, Realtor
The Brad Weisman Show
Mortgage Madness w/ Mike Bower
Show Notes

Mike Bower is back to talk about his new Company Affiliation at CMG Home Loans, and of course about RATES, RATES and RATES!!  Seriously though... It's NOT all about the RATES!! There so much more to think about and talk about.  OK we did talk about BUY-Downs (buying down your rate) and Adjustable Rates... the 2-1 Buy Down maybe something to take a look in some situations. 

Other Topics: 
- Consumer Credit Score Online vs Consumer Credit Score that the Lenders Pull.
- Should YOU Try to Time the Market for when the RATES Come Down? 
- What are the Experts Saying for Rates for the REST of 2023? 
- HUGO chimes in w/ some questions too!! :) 

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