Real Estate and You w/ Brad Weisman

WWII Veterans - Stories NOW Told w/ Tyler Boland

April 03, 2023 Brad Weisman, Realtor
Real Estate and You w/ Brad Weisman
WWII Veterans - Stories NOW Told w/ Tyler Boland
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I had the amazing priviliege of being able to interview, Lou Cinfici, a World War II Veteran on my podcast, and it was all possible because of the curosity and passion of Tyler Boland.  Tyler (19 years old) is on a quest to document via audio and video, the stories of 100 World War II Veterans.  What's funny is he's already past the 100 mark and he's NOT going to Stop! 

Tyler tells his story of what inspired him to do this and the passion he has for talking to as many WWII Vets as possible before the stories fade, along with the brave men and women that made up "The Greatest Generation".  Lou shares stories of his time serving our country, as he went on to also serve in the Korean War and Vietnam War.   Lou is one of 9 brothers and 2 sisters... amazingly enough all of his brothers served in WWII also.  

The friendship that has developed between Lou, almost 95 years old and Tyler at 19, gives hope, that even though they are generations apart, there's respect and admiration that goes both ways.   I'm proud of Tyler for what he's doing and of course I can't thank Lou enough for all the sacrifices he (and his family) has made for our country.   

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